Digiwallet Suite

Teleconcept is part of the DigiWallet Suite. 

When you create an account with Teleconcept, it is created in DigiWallet. This offers you the following benefits:

- You can log in with the same account and use all services that are connected to DigiWallet. For example, you can also use DigiWallet Bank payment methods such as iDeal.

- You only have to change your data once, all data is immediately available for all websites connected to DigiWallet.

- You have 1 central dashboard from which you can use all different services.

IVR, Premium SMS & MCB Solutions Got a better offer somewhere else? Please let us know.

Paid Numbers

Paid phonenumbers are great for settling small amounts on the internet.

Mobile Content Billing

With Mobile Content Billing your customers can easily pay small amounts on the mobile Internet.

Premium SMS

With Premium SMS, consumers can easily pay via their mobile phone.

Plug & Pay

Easily add mobile payments solutions to your website.

IVR Services

Teleconcept offers a wide range of Interactive Voice Repsonse Solutions.


Send your SMS messages via our WorldWide gateway.

SMS Solutions

Set up your own SMS service in less than 5 minutes!

On this page you can find all our SMS applications. No technical knowledge is required to use these plug-and-play solutions. You can have your own Premium SMS services up and running in less than 5 minutes!

However, if you want complete freedom and flexibility and have the technical skills,our gateway/API offers even more possibilities.